Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Beautiful and Affordable Armitron Watch for Men

Armitron makes watches that come in at a variety of price points.  It's not considered a particularly prestigious watch brand.  But, when the designers at Armitron sit down and decide to make a great looking watch, they make a great looking watch.  I've gotten plenty of compliments on Armitron watches over the years.

For example, the Armitron below often draws double-takes, second glances, and questions.  People are always surprised to learn that it is an Armitron watch.  You can read my original review of this watch here.

Armitron Men's Stainless Steel Quartz Watch

Armitron Model 20/4859GNSVBN

If you are looking for a really nice watch that fits into your Christmas shopping budget this year, you'll want to check out the latest Armitron watches for men on Amazon.

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