Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas: Watches with Leather Straps

There is something nice about wearing watch with a soft and supple leather strap.  Leather strap watches are comfortable to wear, look good, and fit well.  They also don't pull all those little hairs off your wrist.  If you are looking to give a watch this Christmas, don't overlook watches with leather straps.

As I look through my own collection, I find that I often choose leather watches for daily wear.  For example, a watch like my Invicta 1461 has a timeless, classic look, that is only enhanced by its riveted leather strap.

Invicta 1461 Vintage Collection Riveted Leather Strap Watch

Leather strap watches are also the perfect fit for a business casual world.  I find that the earth tones of a brown leather strap go quite well with the khaki pants that are found in every business casual wardrobe.

AVI-8 Lancaster Bomber

If you are looking to give a Christmas gift this season, a watch with a leather strap might just be the perfect choice.

Drive by Citizen Eco-Drive Watch

Of course, there are hundreds of watches with leather straps in this world.
Fortunately, Amazon has a wonderful selection of them here:  Leather Strap Watches. All you have to do is look through their vast selection!

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