Sunday, November 9, 2014

Choosing A Job Interview Watch

What kind of watch should I wear for a job interview?  

It's a common question.  When it comes to job interviews, I like to dress in a conservative suit with a very nice tie.  I choose a watch that is tasteful, but not distracting.  I like for that watch to be from a reputable, but not extravagant brand.  Typically, I wear a Pulsar, Seiko, or Bulova watch for job interviews. 

I like the band to be metal and I usually prefer silver tones to gold.  I think silver or black goes best with navy blue or gray suits.  I don't think brown is appropriate for those suit colors.  I would reserve brown watch straps for wear with a tweedy combination of brown and tan or khaki.

For a job interview, I should be the center of attention not my watch.  The watch is a contributor to an overall look of professionalism, reliability, and polish.  For these traits, my Bulova has been getting the nod lately.

Here are some similar Bulova models:

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