Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Is this Jaguar the Perfect Car for my Drive by Citizen Watch

As the winter chill finally makes its way down to Georgia, I ran across the perfect car to go with my Drive by Citizen EcoDrive watch!  It's a black Jaguar XK!  With a 5-liter V-8 and a top speed of 155 miles per hour, it would definitely get me to work on time.

Drive by Citizen - Eco Drive Watch
It think that this Jaguar would really complement my wardrobe and watch collection.  Since these black cats start at only $84,500, I'm only about $84,600 away from owning one of my own!

Fortunately, we can all afford the watch! If you'd like to read a review of my Citizen Eco-Drive watch, click here:

Wristwatch Review: Drive by Citizen Men's Black Ion Plated Eco-Drive Strap Watch

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