Monday, July 8, 2024

Sharp Watch Shout Out: Movado Bold with Gray Case and Dial

This Sharp Watch Shout Out goes to Movado for their Movado Bold with Ionic-plated Gray Case and Gray Dial.  It's simply a beautiful and understated watch.  It's also a reasonably attainable for most watch enthusiasts.

A Movado Bold watch (Amazon photo)

Movado is an intriguing luxury watch brand.  It carries a high degree of cache with upper middle class America and has long been the kind of luxury watch that we would buy at a high end department store or typical jewelry store.  Personally, I'm fascinated with all the permutations of their classic museum-style watch with its minimalist dial and a single dot at 12 o'clock. I very much like the design. I even have this Movado Museum-style desk clock.

Movado Museum-Style Clock

However, I think anything above a $500 price point is quite a bit for a wristwatch.  Fortunately, there are sales and other lines of Movado watch.  For example, I really like this Movada Bold watch with a gray case and dial brings the Museum watch motif to watch collectors at a far more attainable price point.  That's why it has earned the sharp watch shout out!

If you've been looking to add the essence of the classic Movado watch design to your collection without dipping into savings or running up a credit card balance, this may well be your watch!  You can find this men's Movado Bold watch here on Amazon.

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