Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Watch Wearing Wednesday: Men's Grenen Sports Watch with Analog Calendar Features

 When you were a kid, did your grandfather ever give you a wooden token or small coin that was marked as a "Round Tuit?" If you got a "Round Tuit," it was supposed to empower you to go out and do all the things that you were going to do if you ever got around to it.  It was kind of dumb, pre-baby boomer, humor that usually elicited a combination of a suppressed sigh, groan, rolling of the eyes, and a strong attempt to pay attention and give respect to the World War 2 and Great Depression generation.  In our hobby, getting around to changing the batteries on quartz watches can be put off for a long time.  But, when you do change those batteries, it's like Christmas.  The gift is all kinds of watches that you haven't worn for awhile.  This watch (below) is from Skagen and was sold through it's Grenen brand at stores like Kohl's.

Grenen Men's Watch with Analog Calendar Features

I wore this watch a lot for the first couple of years of ownership and then it got packed away for about a decade when the battery died.  Now, it's back and it looks great.  It's like a vintage sports car now.

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