Sunday, March 31, 2024

Watch Strap Review: Fullmosa 22mm Silicone No Gaps Watch Band

Do you have one of those watches where the strap curves right along with the watch case?  When the original watch strap wears out, finding a new one can seem hopeless.  I managed to damage the original strap that came with one of my Invicta diver-style watches.  Somewhere along the way, I tugged on it too hard and it simply broke.  I didn't think I'd ever find a new one that would look as nice.  Fortunately, Fullmosa offered a 22mm Silicone Watch Band with No Gaps on Amazon for an affordable price.

The Fullmosa Watch Strap Neatly Packaged

One thing that I liked about this kit was the spring bar tool.  That made removal of the old watch strap a breeze.  The old Invicta watch strap used two pins on each set of lugs.  However, the Fullmosa only uses one.  

Invicta Watch with 2 spring bar pins per lug

Fortunately, this didn't pose a problem.  Since the Fullmosa replace watch band came with built-in quick release pins, I didn't need to bother with pesky spring bars during installation.

The Fullmosa No Gaps Watch Strap is curved to minimize gaps

As you can see from the photos above and below the Fullmosa Strap does a pretty good job minimizing the gaps between the watch strap and watch case.

If you'd like to get a variation of this watch strap, you can find it here on Amazon:  Fullmosa 22mm Silicone No Gaps Watch Band,

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