Sunday, March 24, 2024

Watch Repair Tools: The Spring Bar Tool for Replacing Watch Straps

When it comes time to replace a watch strap or bracelet, it can be a challenge to compress the spring bar that holds the strap in place.  This is one time that having the right tool comes in handy.  There is a tool that is made just for compressing those little springs without damaging the watch strap or the watch.  The tool is available in various forms on Amazon and is called the Spring Bar Tool.

My AVI-8 Hurricane Watch, a Spring Bar Tool, and a Replacement Watch Strap (in packaging)

I was fortunate enough to have a Spring Bar Tool included in my watch tool kit.  But, some replacement watch straps come with a tool in the packaging.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a small one in the packaging for the Fullmosa 22mm Silicone No Gap Watch Band that I recently ordered.

A Fullmosa 22mm No-Gap Watch Strap

All Spring Bar Tools have a flat "blade" tip that slides between the watch case and the watch strap.  The V-shaped gap in the end of the tip allows it to straddle the pin and the handle gives you a little leverage so you can compress the spring bar and remove the watch strap from your watch.  Some Spring Bar tools have interchangeable tips for handling various diameter spring bars and watch sizes.  Sometimes the indentation is too small for a given spring bar.

The Tip of a Spring Bar Tool

The Spring Bar Tool allows me to remove a watch strap easily and without hassle.  I highly recommend getting one or getting a watch repair kit that includes one.  It make the life of a watch collector much easier.

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