Saturday, March 9, 2024

Daylight Savings Time Fun for Horologists, Nightmare for Everyone Else

Have you "sprung forward" yet?  At what is now 3:35 a.m., I'm not sure I have much "spring" left.  I just got robbed of an hour's sleep.  We all did.  My state, Georgia, is one of many that have voted to end the practice of Daylight Savings Time, but according to this report on, Congress has to repeal the uniform time act of 1966 for us to actually make the change. On the bright side, as a watch enthusiast, I have an excuse to mess with all my watches now.  

In the photos below, you'll see three watches for past and future blog posts.

Watches from Invicta, Sperry, and Grenen (Skagen)

I've been sleepily setting times on a my Invicta Pro Diver Model 6981, my Sperry Top-Sider Skipper (reviewed here), and a now vintage Grenen watch from Skagen.  I've had the Grenen since 2012 so it's almost vintage now.  You'll see these watches and more on this blog in the coming weeks.

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