Saturday, December 24, 2016

Last Minute Gift Ideas: Legion Watches from Belk

At the height of the Christmas season, it can be great fun to enjoy the extended hours at department stores.  Sometimes, it's like you get to sneak in and enjoy the service, the decor, and the personal attention that the early birds miss out on.  One retailer that we like in our region of the United States is Belk.  They are a southern department store based in Charlotte, North Carolina.  During this holiday, we visited one of their premiere stores in Atlanta, Georgia.  It was a good opportunity to take stock of the every day quartz watches they offer in their Legion store brand.

I took a look at the Legion watches stacked in a store display.  After a busy shopping day, the sales people remained effervescent, but they hadn't had a chance to front the display and make it presentable.  Nevertheless, I had a great chance to take a look at many of their Legion brand watches.
Legion Diver-style Watch
 The first watch to catch my eye was the Legion diver-style watch with subdials shown above.  It has all the right markings for a dive watch, but the bezel doesn't rotate and the subdials are purely for decorative purposes.  Still, $40 is a great price for a fashionable quartz watch with a 10-year warranty.
Legion Watch with Extra Strap from Belk

Another interesting choice might be this gold-tone Legion watch with extra strap.  It would give you the flexibility of a metal bracelet or a leather strap.  However, this gold tone is a little too much like a women's "boyfriend" style watch for my taste.

Legion Watch with Roman Numerals

Handsome Roman numerals and a leather strap drew my eyes to this Legion watch as well.  It's likely that the sub-dials are non-functional, but it is a nice looking watch.

Legion Watch with Gold & Silver Tones

If bling is your thing, the silver and gold-tone Legion watch (above) offered a masculine take on the matter.  It's a solid looking timepiece for sure.  There were many other watches in the Belk lineup of Legion brand watches.  However, after a few minutes, it was time to move on.  Overall, these watches make a great "bonus" gift or stocking stuffer.

Finally, I saw the silver-on-silver Legion watch shown above.  It a Legion watch that I have previously reviewed here:  Wristwatch Review:  Men's Legion Analog Watch.

I should note that there is a Legion brand of watches that is sweeping the Internet.  I don't believe that these watches are in any way related to the housebrand watches sold at Belk.  But, with a ten year warranty and a plethora of styles to choose from, these Legion watches from Belk are solid last minute holiday gift!

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