Sunday, December 4, 2016

New Watch Brand Sighting: Skechers Watches

On a recent visit to Kohl's, I was surprised to see a new "to me" brand of watches:  Skechers.  The same company that makes casual shoes and sneakers has extended their brand into affordable casual timepieces for men and women.

I took a brief glance at the watches and they appear to be typical department store quartz watches.  According to the box, they use Japanese movements and sport straps made in China.  The come in cardboard boxs with white pillows emblazoned with the Skechers logo.

Skechers Women's Watch
 The watches in the Skechers display appeared to be a mix of men and women's styles.  As a traditionalist, I would characterize the colorful watch above as a woman's watch.  While the watch below seems to be more of a man's watch.

The final Skechers watch that I looked at has more of an Imperial Storm Trooper motif.

Finally, it looks like these generally retail for around $50 at Kohls before any discounts or sales. These watches may be a good stocking stuffers for Christmas.  You can also find a wide variety of Skechers watches on Amazon.

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