Monday, December 26, 2016

Wristwatch Review: Diesel Deadeye Watch

This Christmas, my wife got me a fashion forward Diesel watch from Belk.  This watch is called the Diesel Deadeye Watch (DZ4409) and, according to the Diesel website, it draws inspiration from vintage military instrument panels.

Diesel Deadeye Watch Design

In the beginning, Diesel watches were big and bold and seemed to be about the size of the alarm clock that typically hangs from rapper Flavor Flav's neck.  The brand brought 50 to 60 millimeter watch cases to the market and made this look great.

Rapper Flavor Flav - photo by Javier Mediavilla Ezquibela (Own work) [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC BY 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Now Diesel watches are taking those initial design queues and evolving in some interesting directions.  This watch is a prime example.  It's more than just big.  From the front, the Diesel Deadeye looks like a competently executed what with sub-dials.  But, the bezel makes it special.  It's transparent.  When you look at the bezel from certain angles, it magnifies the minute numbers.  From other angles, the transparent bezel makes the watch dial appear to be suspended in mid-air.  It's very cool!

The Diesel Deadeye watch also features a hinged crown guard which is a nifty feature for those of us who are prone to bang watches into thing.  It also adds to the interest level of this watch. 

Of course, this watch also shares some common design themes that run through the Diesel line.

Only the Brave - Diesel Deadeye Watch etched caseback

Diesel Deadeye Watch Dimensions

This watch is large.  It has a 51 by 56 millimeter diameter case that is 13 millimeters thick.  It is secured to the wrist by a supple black leather strap.  Despite the size, I didn't find this watch awkward or heavy.  It is quite comfortable.  The watch offers 5 atmospheres (150 feet) of water resistance.  However, I wouldn't recommend swimming or diving.  This is a fashion watch design.

Diesel Deadeye Watch Strap

Diesel Deadeye Watch Conclusion

Diesel watches make bold design statements and are designed to be noticed and draw commentary.  By that standard, the Diesel Deadeye (DZ4409) is a very successful design.  However, as bold as this watch is, it is understated enough for wear by watch lovers of all ages.  I like that this design wins with an innovative bezel and dial rather than sheer size and bling.  I find this watch interesting every time I glance at it.  That's why this Diesel is a great addition to any watch collection.  I highly recommend it.

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