Sunday, October 16, 2016

Casio Marlin Dive Watch (MDV106-1AV): A Stainless Steel Bargain for Divers and Fisherman!

If you are the nautical-type--a diver, a fisherman, a surfer, or someone who likes the beach--you appreciate the look of a dive watch on your wrist.  From Jacques Cousteau to the local fisherman, nearly everyone associated with the sea has a dive watch or two.

Atlantic Blue Marlin

Unfortunately, the high dollar dive watches from Rolex tend to send messages to the populace like - I have money, overcharge me, rip me off, or mug me.  If you want an alternative that fits in everywhere you go, check out this quartz analog dive watch from Casio.  It's technically called the MDV106-1AV.  It's a catchy little moniker someone in marketing must have dreamed up.  Since it has a picture of a Marlin on it, I'll just call it the Casio Marlin Dive Watch.

Casio Marlin Dive Watch (MDV106-1AV)

The Casio Marlin Dive Watch isn't  a big clunker.  It has a 44 millimeter diameter case that is 12 millimeters thick.  The slim watch will fit under a shirt sleeve in the hot sun and it will be less likely to snag on a cleat, railing, or fishing pole.  It has 200 meters of water resistance and a rotating bezel that only rotates in one direction.  The case is stainless steel and the strap is resin.  In short, it looks like a dive watch should and it functions like a dive watch should.  Plus, it's priced right.  You can see the Walmart price in the picture below.  But, Amazon can have it shipped right to your house for the price below:
If you are looking for an affordable, durable, timepiece to accompany you on your aquatic adventures, this Casio Marlin is the one to get.  Catch this low key Casio Marlin and get back to fishing.

Striped Blue Marlin - photo by Kate Crandell (originally posted to Flickr as IMG_1958) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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