Sunday, October 9, 2016

Watch Review: Men's Eclipse Dress Watch from Walmart

I recently had a chance to closely examine a men's Eclipse dress watch at Walmart.  Made by Armitron, the Eclipse brand competes with Timex, Carriage, Casio, and a variety of non-branded quartz watches.  The aggressive price tag of only $22.87 allows this watch to significantly undercut competing Timex and Casio models.

Eclipse Watch Style.  This Eclipse by Armitron watch appears to be inspired by vintage watches from companies like Citizen.  The double baton at 12 o'clock evokes that look.  With a brown leather strap and a faint gold tone to the case, the watch has the perfect colors to match khakis in a business casual environment.  It would also go well with a brown tweed sport coat for the professorial set.

Eclipse Watch Features.  Even though this Eclipse is a rather generic quartz timepiece, it still has some very nice features like 165-feet of water resistance.  That's enough to handle most splashes and swimming that happen in daily life.

Eclipse Watch Construction.  As an Armitron product, the Eclipse line of watches is constructed to a fairly high standard.  This dress watch has a stainless steel caseback, a base metal case, and a genuine leather strap.  The solid construction yields a surprising 165 feet of water resistance.  That's great for such an inexpensive watch.

Wearability.  This watch fits my fairly large wrists with a little room to spare on the strap.  It was a very comfortable fit--not too tight--and not prone to rotating around on my wrist.  The leather strap was a little stiff.  But, it wasn't like cardboard.  I liked the feel of this Eclipse model on my wrist.

Eclipse Watch Size.  I didn't have a chance to measure the diameter of this watch case.  However, you can see that it is similar in size to my Pulsar dive style watch.  That puts the dial in a nice contemporary size range without being overly huge. 

This watch is also not too thick. I'd estimate the case to be around 10 millimeters thick.  That's a nice proportion for a dress watch as it will allow the watch to slide effortlessly under the cuffs of a shirt.  This Eclipse is perfectly proportioned for a dress watch.

Overall, if you are on a budget and need a dress watch, this Eclipse by Armitron watch should fit the bill.  It is simple, straight forward, and perfect for the business casual office.  It's also a great Walmart watch.  For less than $25, this watch is a steal!
I really think the dress watch I found at Walmart is the best of the Eclipse models, but if you'd like to see some of the other watches in the Eclipse line,  check out my first look article to see other models at Eclipse by Armitron.


  1. I really liked the look of the watch. One day noticed the time was wrong, reset and went on. Not long after that it happened again and again. Mine has no battery, self winding. Hate to say it but it is junk, didn't last very long. Not that long ago you could buy a dollar watch, this should be a dollar... not happy

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