Sunday, October 30, 2016

Wristwatch Review: Fossil Nate Chronograph Watch for Men

For a Halloween treat, I've dug up this spooky photo of my Fossil Nate Chronograph watch.  It's a solid, rugged, quartz watch with military-inspired looks.  As you can see this watch doesn't shrink in the face of silver skulls or Magic Voodoo potions!

Read on, if you dare, for a short review of the Fossil Nate.
Perhaps, if you like, buying it will be your fate!

A Fossil Nate Wristwatch

This ain't no "boyfriend" watch.  It's not gold, it's not girly.  The Fossil Nate is big, bad ass, and action-oriented.  It ain't afraid of no ghost.  The watch feels like a solid block of stainless steel.  While the bezel doesn't rotate, it does have gear-like teeth that harken back to the abandoned factory at the edge of town.  The numbers and hashmarks evoke the classic military-style watches that have recently surged in popularity.  The case is 46 millimeters in diameter and just a tad thicker than more gentlemanly watches.  Should a wicked witch drop you in a well, this Fossil Nate chronograph offers 100 meters of water resistance.  Overall, it's a watch that I really like.  However, it's being supplanted by slightly more streamlined Fossil models.  If you like this design, I found the Fossil Nate with a black leather strap here on Amazon.

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