Sunday, February 11, 2024

Watch Photos: LaCoste Club Watch for Men

 As I've been wearing the LaCoste Club watch more often over the last few days, I've had a chance to take a few more photos and capture a little more detail about this watch.  You can read my full review here.

LaCoste Club Watch for Men

LaCoste Alligator Logos on the LaCoste Club Watch

The Crown of the LaCoste Club Watch
You can't have a LaCoste product without the Lacoste Logo.  The LaCoste Club watch is no exception.  The watch features the iconic LaCoste Alligator in a few places on the watch.  One of the most important locations is on the crown.  Under magnification, you can even see a few extra details like the scutes and eyes of the alligator.

The Clasp of the LaCoste Club Watch

Another key area where the logo appears is on the push-button deployant clasp.  The all stainless steel bracelet and clasp is very smooth and comfortable.

I liked that this watch is comfortable and fits my wrist perfectly.

The Caseback and Pushbutton Deployant Clasp
One final place that this watch features the LaCoste Alligator logo is the caseback itself.  I've used a photo from Amazon to show this portion of the watch.  As you can see, the LaCoste logo is prominently featured along with some information about the watch itself.

You can click the link to see more details on Amazon about the LaCoste Club watch for men.  You'll also find some interesting bracelet alternatives.

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