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Wristwatch Review: the Men's Timex Expedition Core Analog Watch

A Tough Looking Timex for Daily Wear

The Timex Expedition Core Analog Watch provides the dark and dangerous looks of a professional military or divers watch in an affordable Timex package that costs less than $50.

[My review originally appeared on the now defunct Associated Content / Yahoo Voices site. However, since I've been gushing about this watch since 2012 and it is still available at a low price on Amazon, I'm reprinting it here.] 

Timex Expedition Core Resin Quartz Watch
Are you old enough to remember Timex Watch commercials? The venerable watch company's slogan was always that "it takes a ticking and keeps on ticking." It's been a long time since I've seen a television commercial where a Timex gets strapped to an outboard engine and dunked in a tank of water for a high rpm spin. But, some Timex watches still look tough enough to take that challenge. One example is the Timex Expedition Core Analog Watch.

I chose the Timex Expedition Core Analog Watch because it provides the dark and dangerous looks of a professional military or divers watch in an affordable Timex package. The watch itself has a 42-millimeter diameter black resin case that is about 11 millimeters thick. A durable resin band with a belt-style fastener secures the watch to your wrist. The case back is stainless steel. Contrast is provided by very readable white numbers that stand out against a jet black dial. Large numbers are placed at the 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 o'clock positions. Small numbers inboard of the primary numbers provide the 24-hour or military time (14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22 are marked). At the 3 o'clock position a small window provides the date with black numbers on a white background.

The bezel has diver-style markings with pale blue numerals denoting the minutes in ten minute intervals. Unfortunately, the bezel does not rotate which undermines the use of this watch for timing. I really like functional, rotating, bezels especially on a watch that looks this purposeful. This Timex has water resistance down to 50 meters. The durable resin band is flexible, but not as soft as many watches with increasingly popular silicone bands. Like all Timex Expedition watches, the Core Analog Watch has Indiglo lighting technology. You simply push the crown to illuminate the face of the watch. I found that this feature works very well.

The main appeal of this watch is its para-military styling. The black case, band, and markings are similar to watches costing hundreds and even thousands of dollars more. If you aren't jumping out of planes, hunting down terrorists, or diving to the bottom of the sea, this Timex should certainly look good and accurately provide you with the time and the date. Since the crystal is recessed within the bezel, it should be protected from at least some minor lickings that might occur during daily wear.

Overall, I like the Timex Expedition Core Analog Watch. It's a tough, good looking, watch for an affordable amount of money. I only wish the bezel rotated! Then, it would be perfect.  

[If you'd like to get this watch, it is still available in 2024 on Amazon here in 2024.]

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