Sunday, June 28, 2015

Watch Pictures - Pulsar Diver-Style Watch Pictures

It's time for a dose of watch porn. O.K. low budget amateur
watch porn.   Today I'd like to share some pictures of my Pulsar PS9319 diver-style dress watch.  It remains one of my favorites for wear each week.

Pulsar PS9319 Diver-Style Watch
It has the looks for sailing or for the pool.  Of course, this blog doesn't have the budget for poolside hot bikini models or beefcake hunks.  For that, we'll have to wait for the Invicta watch shows on TV.

Pulsar Diver-Style Watch
It continues to look great at the drive thru window at Wendy's.  I've pictured salads in the background so that everyone will think I eat healthy.

However, you'll most typically find this watch worn to Five Guys.  They make a danged good burger.

Perhaps being worn out and about is the true test of any watch.

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