Sunday, December 28, 2014

Wristwatch Review: Pulsar PS9319 Diver-style Dress Watch

For Christmas 2014, my wife got me this nice Pulsar diver-style watch.  It's model PS9319 and she purchased it at Kohl's.  It was originally marked at $145, but with Kohl's sale price + a 30% off coupon + a $10 off coupon for watches over $50, the price came way, way, down to just over $60.

It's a well proportioned watch with nice readable markers and a panoramic date window that I don't need to squint to read.  The watch has a curved mineral crystal, a sunburst dial, and a brilliant blue dial color.  The case and bracelet are stainless steel and the watch is water resistant to 100 meters.  That's a lot to like about a reasonably priced watch from the Seiko family of watch companies.  The only downside to this watch is that it has a non-rotating bezel.  That could result in some burned pizzas.  On the plus side, the bezel can never be knocked askew and will always look great!

Initially, this Pulsar Men's PS9319 Analog Display Japanese Quartz Silver Watch was a little too large.  But, I removed a link using the Android watch repair kit that I won in a contest sponsored by my friends over at  With one link removed, the watch fits perfectly.

The watch has a 45 mm diameter case that is 11.65 mm thick.  That makes the watch just the right size for the office without being too heavy or too big.  The bracelet and case have an alternating high gloss shine and satin finish motif that makes the watch dressy enough for an office and rugged enough for casual wear.

Overall, I like this watch very much.  This Pulsar comes in with great looks, perfect proportions, and a very wearable weight.


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  2. Check out and report on the special diver watch deal from Deep Blue. They have some serious bargain where a 400 buck watch is going for a bit over 100! These are kind of digital with temp, depth, etc. For serious divers!

  3. Yup, the folks over at Deep Blue do have great deals on ana-digital divers. They are down to orange and white straps now, but a $400 watch for $99 is a great deal.