Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Judging Cheap Watches

When it comes to cheap watches, you don't have brand prestige as a factor.  There is no halo effect for no name watches at Walmart.  Instead, you have to judge a cheap watch on three things:

1. How well does it function?
2. How comfortable does it fit?
3. How good does it look?

Finally, the best cheap watches don't look cheap.  If people see the watch and are wowwed, then the designer has done his or her job.
Here are three of my favorite cheap watches.

1. Rumours Analog Quartz Watch.  This watch has been in my dresser drawer for years.  When my brother-in-law first saw it, he rushed over and asked if it was a TAG.  I laughed because I bought it at a close out store.

Rumours Quartz Watch with Rotating Bezel
2. Structure Instrument Panel watch.  My lust for a Bell & Ross Instrument Panel watch coincided with the great recession.  Fortunately, this Structure watch came through until the fad had passed.

Structure Brand Instrument Panel Watch

3. Casio Forester.   In a world full of meaningless model numbers, this Casio stands out.  It has a name.  The name means something.  The Casio Forester is the perfect watch for a walk in the woods.  It's rugged, cheap, and comfortable.  Most come in some shade of green.

Casio Forester Watch

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