Sunday, May 24, 2015

Cheap Wristwatch Review: Merona Men's Tanker-style Dress Watch from Target

Merona watches continue to impress with this tanker-style watch with Roman numerals.  This review is reprinted from Yahoo Contributors Network and covers a dress wristwatch that only looks expensive.

Americans tend to think that anyone with a British accent is intelligent, insightful, and worth listening to carefully. Just as the accent works for some commentators, Roman numerals work for dress watches. In an interview situation, a man wearing a dress watch with Roman numerals may have the advantage. Fortunately, the Merona Men's Tanker-style Dress Watch from Target provides those Roman numerals at a bargain price.

The Merona Tanker-style watch (model FMDM220-135) looks great. This watch has a hefty rectangular case that looks high end. The face of the watch is also rectangular with slight rounding at the top and bottom of the watch crystal. The background is a neutral grayish-green that can mix well with khakis, greens, and grays. The watch hands, five-minute hash marks, and Roman numerals are shiny, chrome-colored, metal raised from the background surface. The metal bracelet band is broad (about an inch wide) and it fits my nearly 8 and 1/2-inch wrist perfectly. The band is Chinese-made stainless steel with flat, brushed, steel on the outside edges of each link and a shiny middle section for each link. It looks like the only way to adjust the size of the band is by removing links. The bracelet itself is one of the most comfortable that I've worn. In contrast to adjustable clasps, non-adjustable clasps seem smoother against the inside of my wrist. This is a watch that you can wear all day.

If this watch was a Swiss-made automatic with slightly fancier Roman numerals, it might be expensive. But, this Merona watch eschews the mechanical engineering wizardry of a fine automatic in favor of a reliable Japanese-made quartz movement . As an offering from Target's house brand, this watch is expected to be stylish and affordable. Merona watches hit their price points and styling objectives well. My only criticism of this watch is that setting the time is not a precise as it should be. If you are careless when pushing in the crown after setting the time, you may find the watch off by a minute or two. It's a minor problem that is solved simply by being careful when setting the time. As a cheap watch, this Merona doesn't have any back light or glow in the dark elements. This is a low-key, daytime, watch for work with a style that is perfectly appropriate.

Overall, I think that a nice Merona watch like this one can be an essential element of a low cost men's wardrobe that looks like a high cost wardrobe. I would not hesitate to wear mine in any formal or professional situation. For $20 or less, Target has a winner in this Merona Men's Analog Watch.


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