Sunday, April 28, 2024

The Truth about Watches: DIY Repairs

I've done many of my own minor watch repairs over the past years.  By watch repairs, I mean changing batteries and replacing watch bands. I've got to reveal the painful truth about my DIY watch repairs:  they aren't always successful. I've screwed up a few of my watches. 

Oniss Meca Watch

Battery changes seem to be the riskiest operation. Sometimes, it can be tough to extract the old battery and insert a new one without damaging small parts of the movement that clasp the battery and ensure that it is able to power the watch.  Other times, it may not be too hard to change the battery itself, but dealing with press on casebacks can be a real pain. It's almost impossible to put them back on by hand.  You have to use a caseback press.  

A Caseback Press

But, you need to use caution.  I completely cracked up the crystal on this Oniss Meca watch in an attempt to press the caseback on using my caseback press. I also slightly cracked the crystal on my Hamlin watch. It really doesn't look good either.  The interchangeable round pieces are supposed to keep pressure off of the crystal on on the case.  Of course, the Hamlin had a semi-rectangular case.

Hamlin Watch in Better Times

I'd recommend watching every video you can on Youtube before using a caseback press. Thankfully, replacing watch straps is much easier!

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