Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Watch Wearing Wednesday: Sperry Topsider Skipper Watch

 Here's another older watch from my collection.  It's a Sperry Topsider Men's Quartz Watch that I first reviewed here back in 2016. I've got some new photos of it that show a little more detail. The thing that is cool about this watch is all the little details and hashmarks.  As is befitting a nautical brand, the watch successfully evokes the instruments of old mariners:  compasses, sextants, and the like.  On the downside, sometimes all those little markings and the date can be very hard to read.

Sperry Topsider Skipper Watch

The watch also has lots of little details like a logo on the strap buckle.  I also like how the stitching reminds me of lines on a sailboat.

Sperry Topsider Skipper Watch Strap and Buckle

The star on the crown is also an interesting detail.  I'm not sure what it's about, but it is a cool little detail.

Sperry Topsider Skipper Crown detail

The watch also has an etched caseback with the Sperry sailboat logo amid a sea of stainless steel waves.  It's the kind of detail that you appreciate over time.

Sperry Topsider Watch Caseback

The wave theme is continued from the dial.  Finally, the date window at 3 o'clock is round like a porthole.  It also mimics the stainless steel ring of the bezel.  I can't read the date without a magnifier, but still . . .

Sperry Topsider Skipper Watch face at an angle to show detail.

You can't find this watch on Amazon anymore.  That's something that makes it unique as well.  Over time, companies enter and exit the watch market, watch models come and go, and the uniqueness of watches surviving in a collection continues to grow.

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