Saturday, December 7, 2019

Gift Idea: Citizen Limited Edition Star Wars Watches

If you are looking for a really nice Christmas or Hannukah gift for a Star Wars fan, Citizen watches might have just have you covered this holiday season.  They have recently released a collection of really great looking limited edition Star Wars watches.


These watches cover iconic characters like Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Hans Solo, and Bubba Fett.  They also have a watch dedicated to the Death Star.  Each watch is powered by the famed Citizen Eco-Drive movement which uses solar power to power the watch for months at a time.  I personally love Eco-Drive watches because they never need batteries or winding.  However, the Eco-Drive movement does tend to drive up the price tag.

Citizen Star Wars Death Star Watch (photo

While these watches are dedicated to a Star Wars theme, there is nothing cheap and cheesy about them.  They have subtle designs that would look good in any setting.  Each watch is a limited edition.  For example the Luke Skywalker watch is limited to 1977 watches to commemorate the year of the original Star Wars move release.

Citizen Millenium Falcon Watch (photo

I've covered plenty of Star Wars watches on this blog.  I've included Accutime Millenium Falcon Pocket Watches, inexpensive Stars Wars watches, and even Casio watches that just remind me of Star War.  These watches from Citizen are the real deal and would be an excellent choice for a professional.


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