Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Watch Review: Accutime Star Wars Millenium Falcon Pocket Watch

Sometimes the watches that add the most fun to a collection are the watches that don't cost much at all.  They are the watches that take you to a different time and a different place.  In the case of my new Accutime Star Wars Millenium Falcon pocket watch, it takes me to a galaxy far, far, away.

Some folks can just close their eyes, use the force, and know what time it is.  I'm not one of those folks.  I like to use a watch.  I picked up this one a few months ago at Walmart. It's an Accutime Star Wars Millenium Falcon pocket watch and it is pretty cool.  The detail of the watch cover is simply spectacular for a sub-$20 watch.  The timepiece is an officially licensed piece of Star Wars merchandise made by Accutime.

The dial features a top-view of the Hans Solo's famous freighter.  It's a nifty detail, but not nearly as spectacular as the case cover.  The watch does feature a Japanese quartz movement for reliability.

The scalloped interior detail of the case cover is a nice touch.

There are many more expensive and prestigious Star Wars themed watches.  For example, Nixon makes a very nice line of Star Wars watches.  Citizen also offers a Millenium Falcon watch.

However, the low price point at Walmart brings this watch into the realm of spectacular.  This watch is cheap fun!  It makes me happy to see Star Wars merchandise and gear available at every price point.

I plopped the watch down on a fire hydrant near my home so that I could capture the watch from a couple of different angles.

No matter how you look at this pocket watch, it just looks cool.  It does successfully evoke the Millenium Falcon feeling.

As far as practicality goes, the Millenium Falcon watch has all the drawbacks of an old fashioned pocket watch.  With the chain, it's a lot to put in a pocket and if you have to pull something out of a pocket to tell the time, it's easier to pull out a cellphone.  Thus, this collectible is not a watch I take with me very often or use much.  But, it is a watch I enjoy handling and looking at.  I do throw it in my pocket ever so often.

Practical?  Maybe not.  Pretty yes!

If you are a nerd, this might just be your watch.  If I had no cares about fashion at all and totally wanted to geek out, a Star Wars tee shirt and this watch on a Medallion would be THE outfit.

It would be ridiculous to put together a point-by-point review of this watch.  It's just inexpensive fun.  If you are a fan of the Star Wars films, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and the Millenium Falcon, this is just a cool watch to own.

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