Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Look at the Shopping Mall Watch Kiosk

I've been noticing the watch kiosk at my local mall.  It seems to attract a little more attention than the conventional watch stores.  For the young urban mall crowd, bigger and flashier watches seem to rule.
A Watch Kiosk at the Mall
Many of the brands seem to be Diesel inspired.  However, Diesel watches aren't clearly displayed.  I think they may be on a higher shelf behind the glass lest they walk in the bustling mall.  The kiosk features brands like Gino Milano, Onyk, Omax, and Charles Raymond.  I'm not sure what they are charging for each watch. I wish prices were clearly marked.  Some watches are packaged in a premium way and others are just laid out on the shelves.  However, these watch brands actually actually appear to be inexpensive online.

For example, most Onyk watches retail for less than $30.  If you are a fan of the big watch look, these Onyk watches might actually be a great alternative to far more expensive watches from Diesel.

However, Diesel has been pushing the watch form into interesting multi-dial designs.  There are multi-dial watches at the kiosk.  One brand that caught my eye is Omax.  They have a variety of multi-dial designs and a few conventional looks as well.  On Amazon, the brand is also very competitively priced.

I'll have to explore these brands a little more.  Perhaps, I could open a watch kiosk right here on this very blog!

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