Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Long Lost Lorus Watch: Vintage or Old?

When you have as many watches as I do, you have to rotate your collection around so that you have new things to wear.  I recently turned up this really cool old Lorus Sports watch that is great for banging around on the weekends.  I've probably had this Lorus watch for twenty years.  I'm not sure if it's vintage or old.  I'm not even sure if I'm vintage or old.  But, it is a cool casual watch.

Lorus Sports Watch - Corvette Not Included

This watch uses luminous materials nicely to make it easy to tell time at night.  It also has a small case size by today's standards.  After approximately twenty years of ownership, my Lorus runs strong.  I just have to replace a battery every couple of year.

Of course, that reliability is no surprise.  Lorus is a Seiko watch brand sold by their dealer networks in Europe, Canada, South Africa, Fiji, and Oceania.  So, if you are American, you aren't likely to see many Lorus watches.  That allows you the chance to obtain affordable exclusivity and, thanks to the miracle of the internet, you can safely order new Lorus watches like these online.

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