Sunday, September 15, 2013

Relic Multifunction "Moon Phase" Men's Watch

When you have nice watches, you naturally want to protect them.  I chose to protect my Relic watches by keeping them in their storage tins.  Of course, when you keep them in the tins, you tend not to grab them first when you choose a watch in the morning.  But, when you do grab and open a random watch tin, it is like getting a surprise on Christmas morning.  Recently I rediscovered this "Moon Phase" watch by Relic.

I like this stainless steel Relic watch because it has a complication that shows the sun rise and set or the moon rise and set depending on the time of day.  This is something you'd expect from a high end European watch.  However, Relic makes this high end look available at a relatively affordable price point.  Y

A Relic Stainless Steel Multifunction Watch
I enjoy wearing this sharp looking relic watch to work.  It looks like a million bucks!  Unfortunately, I couldn't find model ZR15557 on Amazon.  However, if you'd like a similarly sophisticated moon phase watch, check out this awesome Bulova Moon Phase Watch.  There is something about that tuning fork logo . . .

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