Friday, January 6, 2012

Watch Companies: You Better Bring It!

Here is a perfectly respectable Embassy brand watch at Kmart.  It has a reliable quartz movement and probably sells for around $14.99.

There's nothing wrong with this watch and I'm sure it will work well for whomever buys it.  Here's the thing - if a rather generic Kmart watch looks this good, why not buy this watch instead of a more expensive brand name watch? 

This watch is a warning to Timex, Casio, Armitron, and all the other watch companies out there.  Anybody can make a straight forward quartz watch that works well.  If you want to make the sale and wow your customers, you better bring it!  You need to bring watches to market that turn heads, attract customers, and make them want to buy.  If you are an established watch company, you need to have great watches in stock at every outlet even Kmart, Target, and Walmart.

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