Thursday, December 24, 2015

Last Minute Gift Ideas: Watches from Retailers

It's officially the last minute for Christmas Shopping.  If you haven't bought a gift by now, it's nearly time to panic.  But, there are still some nice watches available.  You just have to figure out where to shop.  When I shop for watches in person, there are three stores that I frequent:

Walmart. (See my article Pssst....Check Out The Watches at Walmart)  Walmart has lots of stocking stuffer watches for less than $15.  They also have a great collection of Timex, Casio, Armitron, and Elgin watches.  If you are looking for a gift that counts as a "nice" watch, you can't go wrong with a Casio G-Shock from Walmart.  They have a pretty good selection and good prices.  One caveat, the amount of merchandise offered varies a lot from Walmart to Walmart.  Typically, better zip codes (in terms of Audi, Lexus, and Volvo vehicles per zip) have better merchandise.

Stocking Stuffer Watches at Walmart

Typically, I've found the Elgin watches at Walmart to be a little over-blinged.

Elgin Watches

T.J. Maxx.  If one store is consistent in surprising me with great watches, it's T.J. Maxx.  Major cities like Atlanta typically have at least one "Runway T.J. Maxx" with the best fashion merchandise.    See my article "Watches at the Runway T.J. Maxx in Atlanta".  You can often find watch brands including Bulova, Croton, Wenger, Tissot, Tommy Bahama at T.J. Maxx.

Kohl's.  My other go to store for watches is Kohl's.  Check your junk mail for a catalogue with a pull off coupon for something like 10 to 30% off of your purchase.  Also, if you've already bought from Kohls this season, you might have Kohl's cash coupons.  To see what a good deal from Kohls looks like, check out my article:  "The Anatomy of a Good Deal at Kohls."

If all else fails, there is always a Gift Card from Amazon, you can either send them via e-mail or print them out at home! An Amazon gift card can be a life saver when it comes to gift giving!

Finally, if you want to give something really cool, gift the gift of Amazon Prime.

Shop Amazon - Give the Gift of Amazon Prime

Your recipient will get great deals on shipping, lots of free e-books, and plenty of streaming content and the click of a mouse or the tap of a finger.d luck and happy holidays!

[As of 2024, I'd fade Kohl's from my list of places to shop for watches.  The watch counter seems to have faded into oblivion.  As a good alternative, I might recommend Ross.]

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