Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Watch Sighting: Hamilton Aviator Khaki

Today, I spotted an interesting watch at work.  It was a Hamilton Khaki Aviation Pilot watch.  The Khaki is a design inspired by vintage aviation watches of the twenties and thirties.  

From across a conference room table, I could see it was an extraordinary timepiece.  It had a strong, slightly oversized, stainless steel case to present a military style dial with an outer ring of shiny numerals marking 5 minute intervals.  An inner ring provides the hours.  A comfortable looking crocodile strap kept it securely on the wearer's wrist.  

Overall, it looked like a very nice automatic timepiece.  The entire line of Hamilton Khaki Aviation watches looks exciting.  When a meeting steals your soul, you can soar with your timepiece.

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