Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Perils of Searching For Fine European Watches

I've been researching high end watches lately with searches for brands like Towson Watch Company, Rolex, and Tudor.  Now, according to the ads I'm seeing, the Internet thinks that I may want to buy a Mercedes or borrow up to a million dollars.  I guess that is just one of the perils of searching for watches that I can't really afford.

Aaaah, but, it is nice to dream of European engineering and design. 

Of course, if you look hard enough, you'll also discover some wonderful brands that bring European design to your wrist at affordable prices.  While the manufacturing may be handled in Asia, the heart and soul of some of these brands is European.

ADNA.  The watch I'm wearing right now came to me courtesy of a Belgian firm called ADNA. ADNA XXL watches combine diver-style practicality with innovative interchangeable straps and fun color combinations.  The ADNA XXL collection was designed by one of the best watch design minds in Europe!

Insignum.  Germany's Insignum brand also brings teutonic design sensibilities to your wrist at a reasonable price point.   When the brand was first launched in the U.S. my friends at sent me a really cool example to review.

Neither ADNA or Insignum watches are overly expensive.  They fit most wrists and they fit most budgets.  If you aspire to own a product with fine European design, these watches cost considerably less than a Mercedes or Maserati!

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