Sunday, June 29, 2014

Watches for the Love of Flight

Today, I'm doing some research for an upcoming article that I'm writing about a World War 2 fighter plane.  Naturally, I'm wearing my AVI-8 Men's AV-4011-05 Hawker Hurricane Analog Japanese-Quartz Brown Watch. Of course, mine is green.  But, the AVI-8 is always a watch that always inspires me when to read more and write more about aircraft.

I like the AVI-8 line of watches and I like that they are inspired by real aircraft like the Hawker Hurricane.  I wish that they would do a watch inspired by the Gloster Gladiator:  Great Britain's Last Biplane Fighter.  

Gloster Gladiator:  photo by Kogo GFDL license wikimedia commons

If you like biplanes and heroes, perhaps the AVI-8 Flyboy Automatic would be a good commemoration of that fading era of flight!  It's simple, elegant, and mechanical!

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