Sunday, June 15, 2014

Alternatives to Rolex and Omega Dive Watches

Rolex and Omega make some of the most prestigious dive watches in the world. They are legends and rightfully so. They are the watches that are synonymous with adventure. Many, many people want them. But, they cost more than most people can responsibly afford.

That high price opens the door to a lot of scams and a lot companies that make fake watches.  Over on my favorite watch board, we've been discussing an interesting scam to offer homage watches as part of funding a rather hair-brained scheme on kickstarter.  As a consumer, there is no reason to go down that road.  Fortunately, there are plenty of nice dive watches made by legitimate companies.

When the day comes for you to buy a real Rolex or a real Omega Seamaster, you'll be able to do so with pride and with your head held high because it will symbolize real achievement.

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