Sunday, May 11, 2014

Wristwatch Review: Timex Classic Dress Watch

I recently picked up this Timex Classic Dress Watch at Kohl's.  It's a very comfortable diver-inspired watch.  It's a basic black watch with a diver-inspired look.  The strap is of a comfortable, pliable, rubber.  The case is a flat black plastic and the bezel is of polished aluminum.  The center of the dial has a cross hatched pattern that looks similar to the ever popular "carbon fiber."  It has a modestly-sized 42 millimeter diameter case that is 8 millimeters thick.  The band is just perfect at 20 millimeters wide.  It does not seem to slide around on the wrist.  The Model is T2P383.

This watch has know complications and provides the 24-hour time in small numerals just inboard of the 12-hour time.  The watch retails for full price at Kohl's for $54.95.  However, you'll leave the store paying far less after a sale price and any percent off coupons.  

I like this watch a lot because it is a simple, masculine, comfortable watch that is perfectly appropriate for a business casual office.  The cool black look of the case, dial, and bezel give this watch a bit of an edge.  It's a dangerous almost menacing look from Timex!  It'll kick your ass and keep on ticking!

[As of 2024, I really wonder where this watch is.  I must have stashed it somewhere good.]

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