Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Timex Expedition: Good or Evil?

When it comes to Timex, I'm back in black!  About a month ago, I finally replaced the battery for my favorite Timex:  The Timex Core Resin Expedition.  It's an evil black watch that former New York Mayor Bloomberg would probably want to ban outright.  It just looks MEAN!

My Evil Timex
This evil Timex is a full out assault Timex that looks like it regularly emerges from the sea to cut throats and install puppet regimes in Third World Countries!  It's mere existence makes people in California cry.  You can read my review of this bad looking watch here--  Wristwatch Review:  the Men's Timex Expedition Core Analog Watch.

Of course, I've got another Timex Expedition Core Resin that is good to it's very soul.  If I'm taking granola bars on my expedition to see deer in the woods, I might want to wear it.  It looks like something that should every nature lover should wear.

My Good Timex
This leaves me in a watch quandary.  Which would you choose:  the Good Timex or the Evil Timex?

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