Sunday, August 4, 2013

Watches at the Runway T.J. Maxx in Atlanta

To celebrate my birthday, my wife and I visited one of five "runway" T.J. Maxx stores in the Atlanta area.  Runway at T.J. Maxx stores have an expanded selection of high end merchandise including watches at typically amazing low prices.  The runway store I visited was located in Dunwoody, Georgia.

While most T.J. Maxx stores have a selection of nice watches with names like Bulova, Invicta, and Stuhrling Original,  this runway store also had some fine traditional Swiss brands like Tissot.  We also saw some nice watches by Croton, Wenger, ESQ by Movado, Seiko, and Renato.

A Croton Skeleton Watch at T.J. Maxx
 This Croton design (above) does a good job a providing a glimpse at the underlying movement while keeping a readable dial.  While this Tissot (below) takes us to the Swiss Alps and the home of traditional craftsmanship.

Tissot at T.J. Maxx
To give you an idea of pricing, this Tissot watch (above) has a suggested retail price of $500, but sells for $329.99.

Diesel at T.J. Maxx
This Diesel brand watch (above) sells for $69.  While this isn't my favorite Diesel design, it is a great bargain for a Diesel watch collector. However, I like this bold Diesel design below:

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