Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Watch Repair Kit

Back in early July of 2013, I was the fortunate winner of a drawing for an Android Watch Repair Kit from the now defunct MyWristwatch Forums.  It was a cool prize to win because I've long had a stash of cool watches that were just to big for me.  So, I've started removing links from all of those watches that just didn't fit.  Now, I can wear them and properly introduce them.  You can get a similar watch repair kit here on Amazon.

Here is one of the first watches that I resized.  It's a Gruen II that I bought at Sears two years ago.  When I pulled them out of my secret stash, I was surprised to find that it was still running.  I liked this watch because it has a clear and readable dial and has a background that looks like high tech carbon fiber.  At somewhere around $30, the price was attractive, too.

Gruen II from Sears
There are some other watches made under the Gruen name today.  While the legendary Gruen watch company is gone, the name lives on.  You'll find the Precision by Gruen watches on some basic watches at Kohl's.

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