Sunday, August 11, 2013

Recommended: My Favorite Armitron Stainless Steel Watch

Sometimes a watch just looks perfect.  It's the right size.  It's the right shape.  It's the right color.  It has a design that perfectly balances machismo with enough refinement to look nice in an office.  For me, my stainless steel Armitron (Model 20/4859GNSVBN) looks just right.  It has a classic contrasting silver on silver design that is an interesting take in military-inspired watches.  It's a classic!

My Favorite Armitron in the Garden of Good Watches
 The only issue I had with this Armitron was that the original leather band was just a tad short.  So, I replaced it with an inexpensive rubber diver-style band that makes the watch look even better!

Armitron (Model 20/4859GNSVBN)
Here is my stainless steel Armitron watch in original form at Kohl's with the original leather band.  For only $67.49, this watch is a definite steal!

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