Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Have You Tried the Boccia Watch Configurator?

With all the new computerized methods of taking orders and manufacturing things in an automated fashion, the whole "mass customization" idea makes perfect sense. I especially like the concept when it applies to a personal item like a wristwatch. The Boccia brand has a configuration tool on their website that lets you control the design of your watch. You get to pick the following:
  •  color of the case, 
  • the bezel, the dial, 
  • the hands, and 
  • the strap or bracelet. 

It's a very cool web page. You end up with a Boccia watch that runs between $225 and $275 or so. I could play with it for hours! Just check out the Boccia Design Your Own Watch advertisement whenever you see it to get in on the fun!

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