Sunday, June 2, 2013

Zoo York Watches for Men

Saturday evening I spent a little time checking out the watch offerings from Zoo York at Kohl's.  These men's watches have a young, graffiti-influenced, urban feel.  For about $30 to $35, you can get a New York look from Zoo York watches.  Zoo York watches are simple quartz watches.  But, they offer a good value for the money.

Some of the Zoo York watches use different dial shapes with good results.  For example, I like the way this one looks with its rectangular face and leather band.

This one has a very wide band.  It gives the watch a very hip, urban, look.

Zoo York watches are inexpensive quartz watches, but they offer a variety of unusual styles and are well worth a look.  Here's one of my favorites on Amazon:

Zoo York Men's ZY1054 Street Matte Black Analog Watch

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  1. I've looked at this brand before, but they're a little more hip-hop influenced than I usually wear. Also, I recently noticed my local Walmart has carrying the U.S. Polo Association watches for $14.99 each.