Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Rainbow of Watch Colors

Happy Father's Day.  Today, I'm glad that my father set my fashion sense firmly on masculine ground.  In my world, there are really only four colors for a watch strap or bracelet:  silver, gold, black, or brown.  I've got one dark blue watch and I know it is a man's watch because it says Timex IronMAN right on the front.

But, today many people must feel differently.  It's o.k.  We live in a diverse culture and the idea of a proper watch is changing.  Men can now get watches in a veritable rainbow of watch case and watch band colors.  There are really bright reds now.  You won't lose this red Casio G-Shock anywhere!

Yellow used to be an unheard of color for a men's watch, but now you can get yellow watches.  This Zippo watch is a men's watch.  It's for outdoor adventures.  If you are adventuring outdoors with this watch and have an accident, the rescue helicopter should be able to find you.

Zoo York has gone green with this affordable ana-digital watch.  But, at least, it looks like a rugged manly watch.  You could be a forest ranger with this watch.

Perhaps this is just part of the trend towards unisex watches.  It's getting hard to tell which watches are for men and which watches are "boyfriend" watches for women.  The "Lodown Watch" by Nixon looks like it is intended for people who want to work with Microsoft Excel all the time!  But, it is actually for surfers who want to keep track of tides at 200 beaches around the world.

This colorful men's watch trend is a fashion movement that I'm just not too sure about.  Maybe I should just get a bunch of different colors on one watch band?

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