Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Timex Expedition - Liberating Europe Locally

The Timex Expedition brand evokes action and adventure.  My Timex Expedition Vintage Metal Field Watch evokes the greatest generation, World War II, and the greatest crusade.  It seems like a bit of a shame to wear a Timex Expedition around the house.  So, one Saturday morning, I decided to liberate Europe by finding local landmarks with European flair!

First, I marched on Paris - or at least a French boutique - where I found this miniature Eiffel Tower.

Then, with victory in hand, my mechanized unit moved like lightning to find our local Arc de Triomphe.  I call it, the Arc de Whatever.  Atlanta actually calls it the Millenium Gate.
It was a worthy destination for my field watch! Here's another cool Timex Military Watch with a nylon strap:

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