Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Thre3 watch with elegance, style, and Kmart Pricing!

If you look through the vintage watch listings on ebay, you'll see where people are clearly willing to pay a little bit for an older watch in great condition.  This Thre3 watch from Kmart offers much of the same style in a convenient quartz package for less than $25.

An Elegant Thre3 watch!

Thre3 is a brand established by the U.S. Polo Association. If you like the Thre3 brand style, check out U.S. Polo Assn watches!

[While you might not be able to find the Thr3 brand on store shelves now and Kmart is long gone, you can still find plenty of US Polo Assn watches here on Amazon and in stores.]

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  1. It was good to luck up onto your site. I have a collection of inexpensive watches from DD's bought over 3 years. I was hoping to find a source that allow me to find a selection to save me from DDs randomness.