Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Cheap Watch from Gruen that Intrigued Me

Recently, a cheap line of watches caught my eye at my local Kohl's Department store.  They are called "Precision by Gruen" and they retail for about $30.  Long ago, Gruen used to be a respected American watchmaker.  However, they are now a brand name for watches imported from China.  However, they have one diver's style watch that has a working, rotatable, bezel.  Since I'm a sucker for rotating bezels, I had to buy it.  Rotating bezels are useful for measuring elapsed time on analog diver-style watches.  Since Kohl's regularly runs good sales, I was able to pick up a "Precision by Gruen" watch for about $21.  These watches look like good competitors for entry-level Casio, Timex, and store-brand watches.

A Precision by Gruen Watch from Kohl's

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