Tuesday, September 6, 2011

An Automatic Watch from a Surprising Place: Walmart

A diver-style automatic watch has long been my primary objective as a watch lover.  No wristwatch has quite has the style and panache of a mechanical Rolex.  The automatic movement has long been set forth as an engineering achievement.  Unfortunately, names like Rolex and Tag Heuer have long been out of my household budget.  Yet, I have a beautiful automatic watch with a visible movement and the traditional masculine style of a diver's watch.  Even better, I spent less than $50.  What can I say?  Thanks Walmart!

An Automatic Skeleton Watch from Walmart

[Update:  Since I first posted about this amazing Walmart automatic watch, skeleton automatic watches from Asia have become commonplace.  At times, off-brand automatic skeleton watches have been available for less than $30.  As for this $50 Walmart watch, I always wondered if the retail giant brought it to market just to place pressure on Armitron to sell at even lower price points.  Perhaps we'll never know, but check out this Armitron watch on Amazon.  It surely makes you wonder.]

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