Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Kickstarter Watch Projects: Swaeon Swiss Made Chronographs

Kickstarter is becoming an incubator for interesting watch projects.  Small companies get off the ground by coming up with neat watch designs and getting the funding for a limited production run.

I recently learned about a new project from a new brand called Swaeon.  They hope to bring two Swiss-made watches to market with Ronda Startech 5040.D movements.

The first watch is called the Aeon 1 Chronograph:

The second watch is called the Aeon 2 Chronograph:

You can read all about these watches at the project page on Kickstarter:

Whether you decide to back the project in hopes of getting a bargain priced Swiss watch, or you just read about it, you might find it interesting to see what prospective watch brands think is important and what they would like to bring to market.  It's always good reading.

[2024 update:  Unfortunately, this project failed to reach the required funding level by their February 2015 deadline.  It doesn't look like there was any further activity.]