Sunday, June 19, 2016

Watch Sighting: Casio 3D Databank Watch (Model: AEQ100BW-9AV)

When I walk through Walmart to buy anything, I always take a short detour through the watch department looking for cool, inexpensive, watches that might be fun to add to my collection or for readers to check out.  Last weekend, this totally bling-tastic watch leaped out at me.  It's a Casio Databank Watch with 3D dial.

Casio Data Bank Watch Style

If you look closely, you can see that the circles and batons denoting each hour are slightly raised for a '3D' effect.  The watch itself has a 50 millimeter diameter dial and a 15.3 millimeter thick case.  The case itself is resin (black) with a gold dial color.  From a style perspective, this humble Casio pops like a much more expensive watch.  In this photo, it's clear that the watch even has prompts on the watch face to help wearers remember the button functions.  However, I found the dial a tad busy and difficult to read.  This photo seems a little larger than real life and my eyes are getting old.

Casio 3D Dial Databank Watch Performance

From a performance perspective, this $35 watch delivers unexpectedly high performance and very nice features.  First of all, it has a 10 year battery and 100 meters of water resistance.  It has all the standard stopwatch functions like a 1/100 second stop watch, a countdown timer, 3 alarms, and the ability to keep time in 12 or 24 hour formats.  The watch can also keep track of the time in 30 cities around the world.  Finally, the watch can keep track of up to 30 names and phone numbers in its databank feature.  That's a lot of function for an inexpensive watch.  I've had a Casio Telememo 30 World Timer databank watch in my collection before and they are pretty cool.

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