Sunday, June 12, 2016

Affordable Watches for Father's Day

3 Great Watches for Under $50 for Father's Day

When it comes to Father's Day gifts, one thing to remember is that often Father's Day gifts are bought by kids.  Kids have limited funds.  If allowance money is going towards a watch purchase, those funds might be very limited.  So, what kind of watch can a kid actually buy for Father's Day?  When I look for affordable style and lasting value, three companies come to mind:  Armitron, Timex, and Casio.  You can often find a nice watch from any of these companies for less than $50.

A Timex Expedition with wood-grain dial

Armitron.  One company that makes affordable and stylish watches is Armitron.  They make lots of digital watches, but they also make good looking analog watches.  For example, the Armitron 20/1925 Armitron 20/1925 is a classically styled watch with a gold tone, readable markings, a day and date window, and a nice leather strap.  Its simple dial evokes the classic military field watches of the past, but remains dressy enough for the business casual office.  It is also available for less than $50.  Armitron watches vary in style from store to store.  But, I've found some very attractive Armitron watches at Walmart over the years.

Timex.  There is nothing wrong with a Timex watch for Father's Day.  The venerable Expedition line has plenty of models that straddle the line between office worker and outdoor adventurer.  They can play many roles just like your dad.  Timex makes great watches for everyday wear.  If you father is an outdoors man, this Timex Expedition GallatinTimex Expedition Gallatin watch is an excellent choice because it looks perfect for a weekend camping trip.  It can also be found for less than $50.

Casio.  If you are looking for value and a watch with real capability.  Casio makes a dive watch with 200-meters of water resistance, a stainless steel case, and a rotating bezel for less than $50.  It's the Casio MarlinCasio Marlin. It's a great value and a rugged watch that would look great in the office or at the beach this summer.  It's one of my three favorite affordable diver-style watches.

If you can't find this watch or your budget is even tighter, don't forget the classic Casio MRW-200H Dive watch for $25 or less.

Where to Buy A Father's Day Watch

Of course, if you read here, you can buy here.  But, it's getting very close to Father's Day.  If you need an affordable watch for Father's Day and you are a last minute shopper, I suggest you try Walmart for a great price on Armitron, Timex, or Casio watches.  They usually have a great supply at awesome prices.  If you are dragging Mom along to make the watch purchase, Kohl's usually has a good selection of watches.  However, you need to watch the sales and learn how to get a good deal at Kohls.  Finally, if you want a watch with a little more snob appeal, TJ Maxx is a great place to search.  If you get lucky, you might be able to find a watch that costs a lot of money for an affordable price. 

If you're allowance is even tighter, here are seven great watches for less than $30. Good luck and happy father's day shopping!

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