Sunday, March 20, 2016

Exclusive Exotic Moto Koure Watches

Wow! What kind of watch is that?  It's the question everyone asks when they see a dazzling new watch.  In this case, the answer will be this is the quartz Moto Koure Mark I.
Moto Koure Mk 1 Quartz Watch

Moto Koure: it's an exotic sounding name for a watch brand.  For many years, we could only marvel at exotic, exclusive, and elusive watches from afar.  Truly unique watches with iconic looks and timeless style were reserved for the very rich.  Now, the micro brand watch revolution is changing all that.   Moto Koure stands out as an up and coming brand from Australia that is bringing quartz and automatic watches to the market with a unique and exciting style.

The Moto Koure name sounds like a Grand Prix race or rally held in the 1950s.  Those of us who grew up reading Road & Track may think of drivers like Juan Fangio and Phil Hill.  While the brand name incorporates founder Jason Koure's last name, the moto is indeed inspired by motorsports.

A moment in the 1954 Italian Grand Prix: Ascari (Ferrari 625) chasing Fangio (Mercedes-Benz W196)
Each watch in the Moto Koure Mk 1 collection evokes the look of a vintage sports car dash.  This racing green automatic Mk 1 shows a richly detailed square watch with two subdials ringed with chrome and set inside a "dash" of wood-grain.  A date window lies at 6 o'clock.  The watch has a scratch resistant sapphire crystal.  The case is stainless steel.  The Mechanical watches are based on the reliable Seiko NE88 movement.  I like the details of this watch.  Even the crown appears to be interestingly textured.  The pushers look broad and comfortable.  The rich leather strap evokes the interior detail of a vintage sports car. 

Moto Koure Mk1 Automatic
There are 8 models in the Mk 1 collection, four are quartz and four are automatics.  Moto Koure is now taking 50% deposits for these new watches.  As with most startup brands, early birds got the best deals. But, pre-production pricing is still available.  Right now, it looks like the quartz models will cost just under $350.  The Mecha-Quartz models are based on the venerable Seiko VK quartz movement.  The automatic watches will cost just under $880.   Watch production is expected in June 2016.

I like these Moto Koure watches a lot.  They have a design that is both classic and unique.  As watch collectors, that is just what we want from a micro brand.  Moto Koure is also keeping collectors well-informed of their progress.  It's exciting to see this brand's designs come to fruition.  You should definitely check out the website at  It's worth a visit just for the pictures.

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